Hello my lovely readers!!! I’m back from an unexpectedly long pause, but in my defence, my computer was out of order for a year now and as evolved as smart phones may be, they’re clearly not as practical for publishing photos. So, after long researches and a ridiculously expensive bill, my computer was repaired.

But, I want to be honest with you and myself. My absence is not only due to my broken computer. I’ve kind of been broken myself. Stress, sedentarism and bad eating habits will slowly lead to health-related problems. Basically my body started to malfunction. And after tons of exams, useless treatments and painkillers I realised that it was high time to start changing my lifestyle if I wanted to avoid irreparable damage. So, I changed my working schedule and started lowering my stress levels concerning work (easier said than done), I started doing daily workouts and running twice a week and most importantly I started eating healthy.

I now realise how important these three factors can be in order to live a healthy and happy life. So I’ve been doing a lot of research these last couple of months, about how to reduce stress, about nutrition, about the benefits of sports, about how our passions and hobbies can improve our lives. Now, I’m someone who has the bad habit of wanting to see the results right away, even though everyone tells me it may take from three to six months for my body to accommodate with the new lifestyle, when my body doesn’t show any improvements I start worrying and then I start feeling worse. See the vicious circle ? 🙂

Since I was off, I dedicated this week to my well-being, so every day I went running, I listened to music while enjoying the sun on my cosy balcony, I got a tan, I finished reading my book, I went sight seeing here in Alsace (and the great thing about it is that all the amazing places to see are like 20 minutes away 😀 ), I played Dance Central on the XBOX. And the week is not over, more fun stuff are yet to come! I feel REBORN !!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I wanted to share with you some of the places I visited. This is from Kaysersberg.


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